Kratom and CBD Retailer in Charles Town, WV

Serving the Eastern Panhandle with Alternative Smoking Methods

If you are in the market for Kratom or CBD, Charlies Too in Charles Town, WV, is the place for you. Serving parts of WV, MD, and VA, Charlies Too provides our customers with different forms of both Kratom and CBD to suit all of your needs. We provide multiple brands of CBD for our patrons to choose from. Trust our staff to educate you on finding the right product to suit your symptoms. Call Charles Too today at 304-724-1892 to find the perfect, effective product for you.

What is Kratom Oil Used For?

Naturally derived from a plant in Southeast Asia that is in the coffee family, kratom can be used as a stimulant. Kratom has been used for centuries to treat a range of symptoms, and is used as an all-natural treatment. Kratom is also commonly used to reduce and treat chronic pain. The experienced staff at Charlies Too will be able to assist you in all Kratom purchases. Charlies Too offers a large Kratom variety in powder and capsule form.

Charlies Too is a CBD Oil Retailer for WV, MD, and VA

CBD oil can be used to treat chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, and a multitude of other illnesses. Charlies Too sells both oral and vape only CBD, so all of our customers are able to use the oil to best suit their needs. Charlies Too offers multiple brands of CBD to suit all needs, including Green Remedy hemp extract CBD, and a handful of flavors including peppermint and berry. Are you looking for a CBD retailer in WV, MD, or VA? Contact us today to check out our stock. CBD is available as a pain cream, daily gummies, bath bombs, and many more.

Find CBD to Soothe Pets at Charlies Too

Similar to humans, pets fall victim to anxiety, chronic pains, and other various ailments. Charlies Too offers pet friendly CBD supplements to treat your furry friends’ chronic pains and illnesses. CBD can also treat loss of appetite in pets, and keep them calm during storms, firework shows, and any other traumatic event for your sweet companions. Visit our store today, or contact us to find the perfect CBD treat for your pet.

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